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Stephen van Beek MA (Tripos), Dip CTP, Member CAPT, Member TPS

Stephen van Beek

"It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious."
- Alfred North Whitehead

My Approach

Welcome to my psychotherapy sub-domain, which is connected to my profile on the Toronto Therapy Network.

I decided to put it together so you could get a better sense of the way I work as a practicing psychotherapist.

I love my work because of the courageous curiosity of my clients, who constantly show me new and creative ways of living their lives and overcoming their circumstances.

And despite the hard work that is always a part of doing meaningful therapy, working together we very often experience the healing humour within the challenge and struggle of growing as truly human beings.

My hope is that you will find something or other in these short essays that will prove useful to you, possibly even thought-provoking.

Best of luck on your journey towards a more enriched self and personal life!

My own therapy has proven to be the key factor in my recovering a full and richer sense of my self that keeps on growing. It has been my most significant re-learning process, far outweighing my considerable academic learning, and it has acted as the vital engine of my maturation. It enriches my work as a consultant, and spurs other creative projects.

My approach to therapy is explorative and expressive. As you learn about how the past, present and future connect with each other, you will experience new freedom to make fresh choices that are creative and aware.

In recent years I have had the good fortune to work with many creative personalities, both within and outside the arts, and have developed some interesting and useful ways of helping those with creative issues unravel their 'balls of string' and get their potential more focused.

Your therapy will be about the many things that matter to you - love, gain, loss, pain, joy, fear, failure, success, longing, anger, sorrow, and all the rest of it. My role is to be your guide, someone who has been exploring longer and has some maps and useful skills to share with you as we travel your path together. It's a private shared conversation unlike no other.

From this journey arises an ever-flourishing inner strength that is authentic and not merely based on crude power.

I have had a long and varied professional training and I am involved in the furtherance of psychodynamic therapy. My therapy work generally includes the analysis of core life patterns and the development of creative ways to overcome them in practical daily life, as well as psychodrama, and somatic work through the use of trance.

My special interest in Daseinsanalysis and Self-Psychology stems from their capacity to help us understand how we may develop a personal stance that is not flooded by the normalizing codes of socially-ordained language and behaviour.

The relationship between the mind and the body continues to fascinate me. I studied the Alexander Technique for many years along with Hatha Yoga, later qualified in the Trager Technique, and for many years have been studying T'ai Ch'i Chu'an.

My previous training was in literature, mythography and symbolic language. I taught philosophy and literature for some years at university. I regard my practical experience in business as an asset in understanding how we act both in our own interest, and against it. Therapy is particularly useful for those seeking a footing in this commercially-driven world.

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